The Dragons

Gods amongst men, the Titans, the Rulers, the Movers and Shakers, the Glorious Ones, Dragons do not run short on self-given compliments.

But, cynical point of view aside, there is no denying that the single largest source of power in this world is the Dragons.

Not simply through their prodigious strength and personal power, Dragons are gifted with everything a tyrant could ever desire: brilliance, and longevity. Quite simply put, there is nothing in this world more suited to rulership than Dragons, and it is the Dragons that rule this world.

Of course, they could get a lot more done if they ever decided to cooperate with one another.

This world has no nations to properly name, it has no kings or emperors to rule it and no borders to speak of properly.

What rules it is the individual Dragons, and the territories they claim for themselves.

As a Dragon enters this world, it quickly and naturally finds itself a piece of territory to call home. As time passes, and the Dragon grows in age and power, it continuously strives to add territory to his domain, or to move his operation to newly freed resources. He can conquer, trade and barter, intimidate, or outright steal from the others, for that is the way of the Dragons.

Therefore, due to this continuous mutability of the Dragon’s territories, there are no nations, no borders, nothing fixed that can be used as a point of reference, because at any time, a new Dragon may have claimed a new piece of the great puzzle.

In addition, due to the high mobility of Dragons, their territories are rarely continuous shapes on the maps. A single Dragon can claim ownership to a number of small territories, each on different continents.

What matters, therefore, is not how things are, but rather how things are right now.

Dragons have numerous servants, but chiefly amongst these are the Giants.

A long time ago, all of the Giant subraces were subjugated at the Dragon’s power, and have become their most loyal, and frequently most powerful subjects.

Giant families serve individual Dragons for generations on end. Even with the Giant’s prodigious longevity, they remain a mere eyeblink compared to the long lives of the Dragons.

Wherever Giants go, they bring with them the authority and will of their Dragon masters.

And the fact that they’re giant sized, and wield the powerful Giant magic doesn’t hurt either.

Virtually all of civilization exists under the rulership of some Dragon or another, with the representation of their Giant servants.

Humanoids, initially thought to be annoyances that had their annoying tendencies on sticking their noses into Dragon’s business, have eventually become part of the Dragon’s plans and ambitions.

After all, cities a few million souls can churn out impressive industrial output, which certainly has its uses.

The humanoid races, Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, etc, have their own cities, their own systems of governments, their own cultures, their own lineages, their own traditions, but they all do so at the sufferance of the Dragon’s wishes.

Dragons, in return, offer them the service of their Giants, which allow for a certain level of quality of life for the humanoids. They offer long term guidance, wisdom of beings centuries old, and, so long as they respect the wishes of their Dragon masters, effective immunity from the Dragon’s wrath.

Humanoids are used as industrial labor, as armies, as terraforming forces, and in a thousand other ways they do not entirely comprehend, for the benefit of their Dragon overlords.

Oftentimes, even trivial projects of the Dragons will take multiple generations of Humans to accomplish, so they do not make a habit of explaining their desires. The humanoids can only bow to the wishes of their Dragon overlords, or risk obliteration.

Dragons do, by themselves, have their own mechanism of governance.

They do not precisely obey the rule of law, least of all the laws of their underlings. They do have a few codes of acceptable conduct, however, and these are determined at the Council of Wyrms.

The Council, as it is known, is the informal system of governance. It is a gathering place where Dragons of various kinds are summoned at periodic intervals to resolve conflicts, discuss matters of Dragonhood importance, and perform the fine art of Politics.

Decisions reached at the Council of Wyrms are not fundamentally binding, but they are usually reached through the consensus of the most powerful beings in all of the world. Failure to comply with them typically means flirting with their wrath.

Each and every Dragon is responsible for his or her Justice. The law of the Council is only as binding as its member’s capacity and willingness to enforce its edicts.

There is no rule of Truth, in that case, only the rule of Claw and Wing.

The Dragons

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