The Dragon Slayers

A relatively secretive order, the Dragon Slayers are a force of humanoids that have decided to attempt to overthrow the Dragon masters of the world.

Primarily a revolutionary force, the Dragon Slayers recruit from all of the types of Humanoids, rejecting the rule of the Dragons and their Giant servants. They typically recruit the disenfranchised, the humanoids that are particularly poorly treated by their Dragon masters, or sometimes the idealists, that desire a world in which humanoids take their own decisions and control their own future.

Despite being obviously weaker than the Dragons they seek to overthrow, the Dragon Slayers have benefited from millenia of practice and experience at the art of killing Dragons.

They have devised all sorts of siege-scale weaponry, tactics, poisons, ambush formations, and are seemingly never short on new and creative ways of minimizing their weaknesses, and capitalizing on their strengths. Therefore, despite being dramatically smaller and weaker than the Dragons, the Dragon Slayers have, at a noticeable regularity, succeeded at killing Dragons, of whichever age and power they may be.

Such heroic accomplishments have guaranteed them a steady stream of volunteers and recruits, sympathizers and backers, all of which are necessary for them to maintain their operations, which frequently run at horrific costs and casualty rates.

In some uncommon cases, once the Dragon Slayers have succeeded in toppling local rulers of certain territories, they have even managed to begin the creation of independent republics and city-states, with their own legal systems and governments. Such successes, however, are typically rarely long-lived, as the Dragons quickly manage to regain control of territories, often splitting the lands and spoils amongst numerous new rulers, which inevitably end up bickering and fighting over total dominance of the defeated Dragon’s old holdings.

For reasons which are not entirely clear, despite knowledge of their existence, the Dragons have not attempted to wage a campaign of complete obliteration of the Dragon Slayers, despite being vastly numerically superior, better equipped, and having the advantage of the home ground.

For some reason, the Dragon Slayers are tolerated by the Dragons.

This has led to the speculation that the Dragon Slayers are actually pawns in the great battle for dominance of the world, actually used as an expendable fighting force by belligerent Dragons waging Proxi wars instead of risking open confrontation.

The Dragon Slayers, of course, deny any such manipulation by their hated enemies, and instead point out that the Dragons themselves, in their savage code of law, actively encourage the bloody murder of their kind for personal gain. Such behavior is, as such, still consistent with the law of the land, and its ever-changing change in rulership.

Though the average Dragon Slayer operation is actually relatively small in scale, engaging in guerrilla wars of attrition instead of overt marching armies, in certain cases the Dragon Slayers do manage to muster full scale military campaigns. These are sure to attract the attention of every Dragon dozens of leagues around, and such marching armies typically make the news for months on end, despite almost ending in a bloody obliteration.

Dragon Slayers tend to look down with contempt at those that still serve the Dragons, but such hostility only very rarely leads to actions being taken against the humanoid populations. After all, it is precisely the humanoids that the Dragon Slayers are trying to liberate, and they see those that still serve the Dragons as simply too afraid to take up arms and fight back.

Civilians, therefore, are typically ridiculed, sometimes bullied, but practically never oppressed . Doing so typically ruins recruitment efforts by the Dragon Slayers.

The Dragon Slayers

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