Starting Rolls and Details

System: Pathfinder
Limitations of rules: Has to be Pathfinder official. Can come from any of the expansion material on the SRD (, but most come from Paizo.

Available classes: All Pathfinder Official classes.
Ergo, Pat, you cannot play a Warforged. I will only accept fleshy PCs. If you wish to stop being fleshy at some point and become rotty, that’s acceptable.

Starting realities:
Characters will start at level 2. This is the baseline level for all humanoids in my world, I consider level 1 to be teenagers.

2D6 + 6, 7 rolls drop lowest. You only get a single set. If you really hate it, you can get the NPC set instead, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

Classes modifications (house rules):
-Monks will be severely improved, and are running by Paul’s proposed new rules. He was kind enough to send them my way, and here is the information:

1) Monks get a full base attack bonus progression – note that this doesn’t change anything regarding flurry because flurry is already done at full base.
2) While unarmored and not carrying a shield, Monks use their Wisdom modifier to hit with unarmed strikes as well as monk special weapons. They add their wisdom bonus to damage with these weapons as well, Instead of strength (note that wisdom isn’t strength, and as such is not multiplied by 1.5 times on damage if they are wielding a quarterstaff in both hands, for example)
3) The monk’s AC bonus starts at +2 at level 1, and increases by +1 at level 3 and every three levels thereafter. This is to keep their AC at least somewhat in league with other ‘fighty’ classes at the lower levels of the game where AC matters.
4) Monks get d10 hit dice rather than d8’s

-Rogues will be improved, and gain an AC bonus similar to the Monk’s, except theirs will be based on their Int score, not Wisdom. Further improvement to Rogues are possible, and will be determined as the game goes along.

Experience gain:
I will be running at the SLOW levelling up pace. Do not expect to reach level 20 in this campaign. Unless you kill a lot of goblins. An awful lot.

Extra surprises:
Leave plenty of room on your character sheets for unexpected entries. I make a habit of giving non-level benefits to my players, such as extra skill points, feats, special abilities, or other such goodies.
If you deserve them, of course.

Starting Rolls and Details

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