This page covers the various sources of inspiration that allowed the creation of this world, and this campaign.

It is primarily created for two reasons:
1, to provide reading material if anyone is interested in perpetuating the world, so they can understand the source material
2, to have written proof admitting that I ripped off a bunch of sources, robbing you of the pleasure of saying “hey, I know where this came from! You didn’t make this up!”.

At the basis, of course,
Paizo’s Pathfinder
It is the base system by which the campaign is run, and it is itself inspired from the world of D&D, 3rd ed.
I’m using most of the mechanics from it, most of the races and monsters, most of its logic

White Wolf’s World of Darkness
One of the most obvious inspirations picked up from here is the Patience sytem. I’ve adapted the Virtues and Vices from WoD into something to actually motivate players.
Couldn’t call it “Willpower”, of course, there’s already a stat for that.

Wizards of the Coast’s Council of Wyrms
This is where I picked up the notion of a world run by Dragons, and how to make it all work in a manner that makes sense. It’s a 2nd ed AD&D module that is super interesting and worth a good read.

White Wolf’s Changeling
I’ve borrowed shamelessly a lot of the notions about the Fey from here. Notions such as the Contracts, and a lot of thematic work.

Monte Cooke’s Arcana Unearthed
A very interesting alternative to classical D&D 3rd ed. It’s themed around completely different premises, yet has that amusing familiarity to it all.
Lots of notions such as Giant Magic were borrowed from there, as well as a number of NPC classes the PCs will encounter.

Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake, and Merry Gentry series
A somewhat expansive series of novels. They are primarily chick-lit, with an awful lot of sex involving an awful lot of manly men (but never gay stuff, of course).
She brings a modern and often humorous, yet logical outlook at notions of the Undead, Werewolves, Vampires, and eventually, the Fey in a modern world setting.
If you can shrug off the extensive sex scenes (or, heck, enjoy them), they’re really good reads.
More pieces of the Fey were built from this, from the notions of having them co-exist with “ordinary life”, co-dependence, even celebrities and paparazzi.
Also, the notions of using zombies as cheap labor, then having labor unions come in and protest came directly from there.

Wizards of the Coast’s Eberron.
Essentially the basis for society and how a high magic world with a flavor of steampunk might look like. But without all of that pesky nationalism. Also, Dragon and Giant magics. Recurrent topics.

Wizards of the Coast’s Faerun
I have never seen so dysfunctional a pantheon. They will absolutely be a major inspiration to my own.

White Wolf’s Exalted
I really would like to squeeze in the Shintoism notion that there are little gods everywhere, the so-called spirit of things.
Maybe I can make it work with the Fey, maybe not. But I really want to find a place to include this concept.

And last, but probably most important: the world of Oglaf.
Because if there’s any low-tech world I’d be forced to live in, it’d have to be that one.


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