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Part 1: New Players’ information

Part 2: The World

  • Geography and features (in progress).
  • Continents and islands (in progress)
    • Koth (Creation by Scott)
    • Gar
    • Yoshi’s Island (In progress)
  • Major Cities:
  • Nylye (Origin of most of the players)

Part 3: The Pantheon

Part 4: The Factions

  • The Dragons
    • List of notable Dragons (in progress)
  • The Guilds
    • List of Guilds (in progress)
    • Services Unlimited
  • The Fey Courts
    • The Seelie Court
    • The UnSeelie Court
  • The Dragon Slayers
    • Example of a full scale army (in progress)
    • Example of a raiding party (in progress)
    • Example of a generational rebellion (in progress)
  • The Harvesters (in progress)

Part 5: Interesting Personalities

NPC list

Part 6: Metagame Information

Part 7: The Airship

  • Airship Statistics and useful numbers
    • Airship capabilities
    • Cabins and crew compartment details
    • Cargo Hold
  • Airship Crew
  • The Pilot – Keenshy Garedan
  • The Co-Pilot: Chesper Sapis
  • The Engineer: Itheru Engyl
  • The Technician: Darche Peruwar
  • The Servant: Laran Rann
  • The Guildmaiden: Noynal Duche

Main Page

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