Day 6 - We didn't playtest this

Because the GM didn't plan today.


Absent players today: None!

Very little interesting stuff happened today. This is primarily due to the fact that the GM, Laurent, was just really busy during the week and had far more ambition with his next few session ideas than he had material to work with for today.

So, more combat testing. More encounters, until the party drops.

It was globally the same recipe than last time, big arena room, high level wizard casting various summon spells, PCs expected to kill the things.

The only major difference today was that terrain mattered… a bit. Again, due to relatively poor planning, little was accomplished on the big picture.

Still, Paul got the brilliant idea of dealing with the problem at its source: he tried attacking the Summoning mage directly.

Well, there was a bit of a wall of force in the way of things, so that wasn’t very successful, and he just ended up pissing off the summoner, which promptly exposed the party to an encounter vastly more challenging than what they were exposed to previously.

Strato died, Paul died, the battle was lost, then Scott decided he’d deck the summoner with his armored gauntlet, and then they discovered he was a level 15 caster, and promptly got disintegrated.

Pat had simply ran the fuck away, so was relatively unscathed.

Of course, since the GM is not, in fact, a douchebag, the “death” was incorrect, the PCs were teleported to an infirmary, where they got patched up.

Scott’s armor, however, was equally disintegrated, and he really didn’t like that. Apparently, that was a worse insult than having been “killed”.

This launched a relatively short investigation into the matter, where the guild actually did everything they needed to to create a fair and balanced trial for the crime of the destruction of the armor.

The PCs made good arguments, but the level 15 wizard also made the argument of “I’m Rick James, Bitch”. Which equally adjusted the investigator.

At first, the “compensation” for the loss of the armor was another such suit of armor, except one not made of mithral, nor magical. Scott, unsurprisingly, was dissatisfied by this result, and added a “set family on fire” name to the list.

But then Paul did some research, and found out there doesn’t seem to be a convenient, magical solution to the whole “how do you reverse disintegration?”. We looked through the books, tried to find a spell for that, and best we got was “Make Whole”, a 2nd level spell.

So… Here’s a more economically viable solution: the Summoner cast his “I’m higher level of a caster than half the continent” version of a Make Whole spell, restored the armor, including the magical enhancement, and everyone looked happy. Good enough.

The campaign finished with a debriefing of the results gathered from the Evaluator’s perspective. I will be writing an email to the party to more properly explain the discovery of it all, and everyone got a bonus feat from the experience. Lots of happy faces there.



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