Day 5 - Boot Camp

Welcome to Services Unlimited!


Missing players: Paul

On today’s adventure, Laurent couldn’t come up with anything particularly solid of an idea. So he invented a lot of bullshit along the way, and tried to make it work.

Firstly, a long debate was triggered by the players, because they realized they got screwed badly when they signed their contract.

You see, at no point in the signing of the contract did anyone say anything about renumeration, and actually having a salary.

The players bitched and whined at just how unrealistic it all was, threw a hissy fit because “that’s not what their characters would have agreed upon because they’re super smart and stuff”, and simply wouldn’t admit that they got screwed because they weren’t paying attention.

So then they pouted, and decided that they’d just be as passive-aggressive against the evil corporation that stole from them. And then started planning ways of “getting back at the evil corporation”.

All because they forgot to actually negotiate a salary when accepting to join a corporation. Really people, it was quite stupid.

But! That’s an evil party for you. The more petty and childish they are, the easier they are to motivate into wanton acts of destruction, self or otherwise.

SO. Fast forward that little bump on the road.

The players got to meet the crew of the airship. Every one of the crew members got their name, got a basic description of their skills, a subtle hint at their secondary abilities, and it was all very impressive.

I even stated one of them! And will continue to do so for every other one of them at the weeks pass.

The players also decided they’d start arranging the Airship to their liking. Some of the rooms got re-purposed, and some money was spent.

One room became the Workshop. It contains:

-An alchemical lab
-A cauldron
-An anvil
-A small forge
-A workshop table

It’s all very basic stuff, but it’s sufficient to make the most simple skill checks. So the players now have such facilities for crafting things.

Pat can now start brewing things in the cauldron, and other players can do some basic metal working.

This particular area cost 2,000 GP, which the players unanimously agreed was an acceptable sum to pay.

Further enhancements to the airship can also be accomplished, but will require the Stronghold Builder’s Guide. I’ve figured that it’s a book full of useful information for these purposes, and the players can use it as inspiration for their needs.

The second major room the players decided to start working on was a private conference room, so they have somewhere to discuss certain matters away from prying eyes. The players quickly realized they were surrounded by “guild spies”, and wanted a place where they could discuss without interruptions.

They got a room underneath the piloting cabin for such a purpose. They wanted it blinged out, something extra nice and stuff.

I initially quoted them the price of 3,000 GP for such a room, but I believe that is insufficient if they want to ward the area magically against intrusions and scrying. Certainly enough for posh, plush seating, alcoholic beverage dispensers, one-way mirror windows, but it won’t do for the really magical stuff.

I’ll provide another price once I’ve had a good look at the stronghold builder’s guide.

Strato sold his sheep, and provided the party with a lot of food for the journey. Pat kept his crypt, and the other players were both living at Paul’s, which was absent from this gaming session. So it didn’t really matter.

What matters is that the players left Nylye, some of them without the intent on ever coming back. Good for them, it’s annoying being under the authority of a Dragon.

The players arrived at the corporate headquarters of their newly named corporation: Services Unlimited. They were greeted by a Rakshasa, which I did not name. He was simply the Evaluator, and the players quickly referred to him as “the nazi”.

He was unpleasant, confrontational, strict, arrogant, condescending, but never outright hostile or violent.

The players went through a gamut of tests, in which their basic skills were evaluated. Some of the tests were simple paper material, literally a multiple choice questionnaire. Other tests were field tests, where they had to run through each one of the physical skills.

Of course, all of this was boring stalling for time. The real action happened when the players got to fighting monsters.

They took on a CR1, a CR2, a CR3, and a CR4 monsters, without having access to their expendable gear (potions, scrolls, wands, etc). Pat quickly realized just how vastly ineffective he was in fighting things, but the other players held their own pretty decently.

Scott’s tripping and disarming is particularly frightening, I have to say. And sparky boom boom’s firepower is sufficient to guarantee he’ll have something to sling at the enemies at all time.

The evening ended on that note, with nothing really major happening here. I purposely didn’t push much of the storyline because of a missing player, and didn’t have much material to work with anyways.



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