Day 4 - Terr'ists.

Your first glimpse into a crazier world.


Absent players: Pat, who was doing taxes. Naturally, therefore, his character was volunteered for whoring purposes.

On today’s gaming session… You got sent to jail. It was awesome!

If nothing else, this was a location where the Patience stat could really, really have fucked with the PCs. But it didn’t! Because I’m not that much of an arsehole.

As quickly as the PCs landed their ship, they were arrested, tied up, and accused (by a giant, no less) of Terrorism, Sedition, Piracy, Theft of Guild Equipment, and Murder.

This, irrelevant of the fact that a guild representative ( Noynal Duche) showed up, and tried to assure the authorities that the players were actually the good guys in this context.

The PCs were tossed in jail, in some of the most uncomfortable conditions the GM could think of.

Scott decided he’d let things happen. Eventually, he got attacked by guards, and successfully disarmed the same guard twice, relieving him of both of his weapons. He was… displeased.

Strato made numerous poop related assaults. It went about as well as you might expect it could.

Paul was as stoic and arrogant and prideful as he could ever muster being. He insulted, attacked, berated, threatened, and defied everything and everyone in existence. He did it with panache, too, except he ended up with his ass thoroughly kicked in the process. Looot of bruises.

Pat’s character was not hopelessly abused by the other players. She might like it, and we can’t have that happening.

After an indeterminate quantity of time, the PCs were dragged out of jail, washed and clothed (though lacking much grace), and brought in front of a judge, to properly determine their fate.

The accusations still stood against them, despite considerable workable evidence brought by miss Duche. She had paperwork, contracts (signed in blood!), testimonials from the crew. She really did everything she could to get their asses out of jail.

But the judge would hear nothing of it.

Paul then tried to talk to him, but it was more anger that came out of him than arguments. It did not phase the judge much, to be honest. If anything else, it might almost have angered him.

The one that changed the dynamic was… Strato. As he is known to do.

Strato argued with the judge using that which Paul had dismissed as pointless: common sense. None of those facts and contracts and other such hard, solid evidence, because all of that had failed.

Simply put, he argued that pirates so successful as the ones they were being accused of being would not do such a stupid thing as come docking their ship back in the home port, with incredibly incriminating evidence, and give no fight to the guards.

And that, actually, was good enough to convince the judge. Much to the flabergast of Paul. I think Scott was quite surprised too.

The lesson pulled by the players in this little journey is: Common Sense, Isn’t. All the evidence in the world won’t help you when your enemy is convinced everything is a conspiracy. When that happens, you need to apply Occam’s razor, or nothing’s going to get done.

Now. The players were released. All of their equipment was returned to them (with the exception of their clothes, which did not survive the journey).

The Guild provided free taxi services to the party. She also invited everyone for a supper on the Guild’s gold, after they got cleaned up and dressed up.

Paul is now wearing Noble’s clothes, and has dubbed himself a Sir. Because he can.

The players made it back home, and eventually went for their supper. I wouldn’t quite say they were welcomed as heroes, but the welcome was curiously warm. Paul quickly figured out that they were getting hush ‘money’, because somewhere, the guild fucked up, and they wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

The guild offered a permanent contract to the players. The basic stipulations are:

  • The players are now going to be on continuous Guild duty, and will only take contracts from the Guild.
  • The guild will take care of numerous logistical considerations for the players. It will maintain their airship, crew it, and take care of docking fees wherever they are going.
  • The airship legally becomes the temporary property of the guild, to facilitate docking permits.
  • The guild will pay for up to 7 ranks worth of AIrship courses in 6 months for all members of the party. If they ever wanted to run the ship by themselves.
  • The characters are now operating continuously on Guild duty and are expected to uphold the Guild’s image wherever they go.

The party was also informed that they will need to go through Guild Training. Though they were given time to recover from their ordeal in prison, they decided they’d start as quickly as possible. Which is in three days.

Welcome to the Guild. You are now owned.



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