Thomas the Train Engine



  • Air
  • Artifice
  • Community
  • Fire
  • Travel

Alignment: All Lawfuls

Thomas the Tank engine is the patron deity of the process of Industrialization, Trade, Steam Power, and the driving force behind the unstoppable influence of humanoids on the natural world.

Image: A stately steam train engine, lavishly elaborated and decorated, with a humanoid-like face on its front.

Its herald is the sound of the train’s whistle, followed by the thunderous pumping sound of a train engine barreling down a railway.

Worship of Thomas the Train Engine typically involves the interaction with railway tracks in some way. Hauling massive cargo across vast distances via train is one such example. Ritually sacrificing animals on train tracks is another.

Due to the association with the patron deity, most train operators worship Thomas the Train Engine.

Thomas the Train Engine

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