The Goddamned Batman

Based on Flashpoint Paradox Batman :

Jack (or whatever, give him a name) was a doctor in one of the main cities in your world. He lived a happy life with his wife and daughter.

One night the three of them went to a play. On the way out, and taking a shortcut, they are stopped by a mugger. Jack decides to fight back, but in the escalation, his daughter is hit by a stray arrow and dies instantly. Jack goes berserk, and beats the mugger’s face in with his fists. He continued to attack the man long after he died.

Meanwhile, His wife snapped. Her precious daughter was gone, and the voices in her head finally took over. If she could not have her daughter, she decided that nobody would. Her shrill laughter filled the air.

Both took on personas. Jack a dark figure working in the shadows. The wife, a brightly colored, white-faced entertainer.

Several years passed. The two remained in a tango of death and salvation. Her going out of her way to murder children, while he tried saving parents from their fate. Neither one had rules in this game, and their battle continued to escalate long into their old age.

The gods discovered their conflict and began to watch intently, taking bets on how it would end up. When it was obvious that the pawns could only do this for so long, the gods extended their lives to continue.

It ended finally with the two killing each other simultaneously. The gods, furious at this, decided to grant them godhood to continue their battle eternally.

This is the present draft proposed by Ryan.

I will be improving upon it (such as providing actual names) when time allows, I do find the idea promising.

The Goddamned Batman

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