The Endless Tower

Located directly in the geographic center of the world, there is a construction that seems to stretch as high as the heavens will go.

Defining this edifice is a tricky process, because of its completely random and haphazard layout and construction. But a few basics can be said that are applicable through its entire layout:

  • It is a single shape, that appears to start from the absolute deepest parts of the known world, and stretches beyond the sight range of even the most capable observation methods. It is, for all intents and purposes, of infinite height.
  • It is divided in innumerable levels, each one that seems to have its own architecture, or in some cases, complete lack therefore. Where certain levels might have roman columns, others might be a nightmarish expanse of poisonous thorns. But each level has its architectural style consistent with its Portal.
  • Every level is equipped with a Portal which leads to another plane of existence. The portals are of varying size, design, and attraction, but none of them are ever closed. If one were to manage to reach the proper level, every single Plane in the Multiverse is accessible through it.
  • There is a single, continuous staircase that links every single level of the tower, making it possible to walk from one end of it to the other. To attempt to do so would of course be invariably impossibly perilous, but it remains technically possible.

It is known as the Endless Tower.

Since the portals on the Endless Tower are permanently open in both directions, it is also a location of near continuous invasion by various forces from each one of the planes of existence.

But, since these invasions happen continuously and from all directions, every imaginable manner of beings from the Multiverse end up passing through. Angels will inevitably target emerging Demons, and vice-versa.

Therefore, though the territory surrounding the Endless Tower appears to be in an absolutely continuous state of all-out war against incalculable factions, never does any one of them seem to gain the upper hand.

It is, quite simply the converge point of all diverging opinions, made manifest as outsiders.

There are countless stories surrounding the possible planes of existence found in the Endless Tower, from stories of ways into the place of the Fountain of Youth, to the resting places of ancient dead Gods, to more esoteric notions such as the meaning of life.

None of them have ever been verified, of course.

Every scientific expedition that has ever attempted to catalog, understand, or analyze the Endless Tower has invariably end up under attack from the various Outsider forces that emerged from it.

While in most cases, they came prepared to the best that their budgets would allow them, none of them have ever succeeding in reaching its top, or its bottom, or properly understanding where every one of these portals actually led.

Some answers were gleaned every time, but the full picture remains a mystery.

It is said that to successfully climb the Endless Tower leads to the birthplace of the Gods, where any mortal that reaches it is granted the Divine Essence. But, like most things surrounding the Endless Tower, it is but a rumor.

Not that incalculable thousands have not tried to prove it in the past. They tried, and they died.

The Endless Tower

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