The Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Any and all (see the description). Mainly Chaos, Mondays, Metagaming, Powergaming, Revisionist History, Balancing Issues, Player organization, Web site Maintenance. You get the Idea.

The Dungeon Master is an overdiety so unfathomably powerful that he doesn’t even exist in the pantheon. He commands power to destroy and create any and everything in the world, including other dieties, continuities, realities and falsehoods. He is so mighty that he can only be experienced by the most wise and open minded of people – the insane.

The DM speaks in tongues, through the mad fellows who believe in the diety. They are mad because there is absolutely no way of proving (or disproving) the DM’s existence. Apparently, they see the world as a figment of the imagination of others as a game of some kind and that all that happens in the world follows a sense of codified bibles, hereto known as ‘manuals’ that are bestowed upon the willing.

The DM manual, being the most sacred and containing rules on world creation is by far the most sought after. The player’s manual is the mortal equivalent of the bible, in that it explains how races, classes, skills, feats, magic, magic items, aging, grappling, and other world aspects came to be.

Legends speak of a series of Monsters Manuals, books of increasingly dubiously named monsters who’s codified strengths and weaknesses are clearly listed. But that’s just a myth.

Unlike other dieties, the DM needs no followers, but those that do revere him tend to speak in the same tongue that they are spoken to: “Fear not my friend, the DC of that spell can’t possibly be higher than 15, and you have a plus 8 to your save. Buffed by my spell of protection, I am certain you’ll be able to negate the effects on a roll of 2 or higher, unless of course it saves for half in which case you will lose half of 5d6 hit points” is something of a common parlance to worshippers of the Overdiety (the dungeon master).

It is said the DM is something of a host, entertained by the shenanigans of the puny gods and mortals that are, after all, his own creation. For this reason he does not interfere in the “game” (The proper term for the world, according to scripture) in any level that is perceivable by the beings who inhabit it.

This OverGod was created by Paul.

The Dungeon Master

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