Players Pre-requisites

This is the list of details expected from the players, mandatory for the smooth operation of the campaign.

1 – Being Evil doesn’t give you the right to be a dick to other players.
— Meaning, no team killing, dominating, torturing. Play nice with one another.

2 – Your character must believe in the god Sithrak, the Blind Gibberer, at the exclusion of the other gods of the pantheon.
- Notice: Belief does not enforce Worship. After all, he hates you unconditionally, whether you worship him or not.
- This is a made-up god from the world of Oglaf. What is known about him so far:
- He’s dead, apparently having been defeated in some ancient time.
- He’s apparently the “creator” god, suggesting he created the world.
- He’s angry and insane, which is suggested in his name.
- He hates you, and everyone else in the world, unconditionally.
— So why are you focusing on him? Because he’s the only one that makes sense.

3 – You must select one of the Seven Major Vices as the primary for your character.
- This does not mean your character cannot indulge in the other sins, just that there’s one in particular that really defines your character.
- Reminder of the Seven Deadly Vices:
- Envy
- Gluttony
- Greed
- Lust
- Pride
- Sloth
- Wrath

Players Pre-requisites

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