Name: Koth

  • Type: Subcontinent
  • Population: Roughly 1 million people, mixed races. Tribes split, merge and travel too often to get a proper consensus.
  • Import: Metal tools, worked goods.
  • Export: Rubber, Gold, Alchemical ingredients.
  • Climate: Rain forest, swamps.

Notable features:

  • The thousands of statues of titans that sprout from the cliff faces from the islands and mainland walls
  • The Eye of Koth: the salt water lake in the middle of the continent. Home to medium sized, armored sharks.
  • The Four Titans, that sit on the cardial directions of the Lake.
  • The only permanent port city of Ends Reach.
  • The Maze: The waterways between the islands of Koth. Travelling to the Mainland Koth by water is considered suicide by all but the most insane sea captains. Riptides are known to pull ships off course and dash them across the cliffs, unseen vortex’s have swallowed numerous vessels and shallow reefs have claimed their fair share of lives.

Some more info:

  • The entire subcontinent of Koth is bowl shaped, with all coasts sporting 200-300 ft tall cliff faces.
  • The tribes that live on the islands live separately from the usual laws and scriptures of the Guilds. They pay tribute directly to the dragons that control their regions in Gold from the rivers of Koth interior, fish from the ocean and slaves from conquered tribes or luckless pirates/Guild emissaries that make an enemy of that tribe.
  • Not even giants are safe from the tribes hostilities, as many a giant found out when the bridge he was on was cut on both sides or being eaten alive by the more hungry tribes.

Ends Reach

  • Ends Reach is the only permanent settlement on the Islands of Koth, as the guilds had spent considerable amount of money on clearing out the natives, building a unique dock around the base of the island (Which thankfully does not have the usual Riptides, vortex or shallow reefs that the Maze is known for.

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