Type: Continental Island
Population: Approx. 200,000. The total lack of central governing body makes a proper census practically impossible.
Import: Food products, refined iron products.
Exports: Slaves, little else.
Industries: Slave hunting expeditions, hunting expeditions.
Climate: Badlands, deserts, savannas, ice tipped mountains.


The continent of Gar is probably the most backwards location, technologically and sociologically speaking, in all of the world.

Several thousands of years ago, its barbarian inhabitants began adopting a lifestyle of systematic gynophobia (the fear of Women). Practically overnight, the entire female population of the continent was reduced to slavery, and a society was constructed to enforce male domination over female.

As time passed, the gynophobia deepened, making all symbols of female identity taboo. All words associated with femininity became insults, all behavior that was not associated with the male brutish barbarian lifestyle became the object of derision.

The society quickly collapsed into tribal barbarianism, with tribes waging continuous warfare against one another in an effort to prove their superior manliness. The population was quickly decimated, and repeated efforts of salting and burning the land turned the entire continent into a famished angry hellhole.

After centuries of living under a society that actively did everything it can to eliminate every trace of the female gender’s presence, the inhabitants began to discover methods of procreating without ever needing females.

Such techniques quickly spread, and the last reason to exist of the females ceased to be. They were ritualistically roasted in bonfires and served as meals to the satisfied men.

Nature adapted, and practically every form of life on the continent was either hunted into extinction, or had to evolve defenses against the raging barbarians that had no other sources of food. Every animal that survived quickly evolved every form of natural defenses imaginable, leading to species not found anywhere else in the world, and vastly more lethal than their cousins.

Cows and cattle grew horns, quills, and the capacity to breathe fire, wilderness predators grew tenfold in size, ants evolved the capacity to spit caustic acid. Even the humble house cat evolved into the fearsome Aurumvorax.

The raids and wars never actually stopped on the continent, leading to an incredibly hostile wilderness with violent barbarian tribes for neighbors.

Combined with the ferociously homosexual culture, the continent of Gar gets few visitors. Those that do visit must contend with the continuous threat of being attacked by slavers, female captives being rapidly sold back as slaves, male captives having a much worse fate reserved for them.

Presently, the most powerful of the people living on the continent of Gar is known as the Primate, his name is Kronar.

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