Day 2 - Finishing the mines

I am sick of these motherfucking kobolds

Absent players: Paui (his character was authorized to be run by Strato)
Not joined yet: Haggy (expecting in a week or two), Dan (expecting he’ll be dropping out)

The players returned to their duties of killing Kobolds.

After getting ambushed by 44 kobolds (from a total population of 50), making a gazillion saves against poisons, and tanking like champs an insane quantity of crossbow bolts, the players decided they had enough of this shit.

This is largely due to the fact that Paul’s character, as well as Strato’s character did not, in fact, tank like champions, and dropped during the course of the battle.

Neither of them died properly, but they were both reduced to negative hit points.

At this point, the GM intervened, not interested in a total party wipe this early in the campaign (though it can come later, sure!), and involved the Boss of this underground hellhole: a Slicer Scarab.

The scarab lasted an entire three rounds, scored zero successful hits against the players, and ending up being worth a good 5,000 GP in alchemical and magical item construction components. Yay loot!

The players limped their asses out of the mines (dragging the Large sized scarab’s corpse out of there), and started discovering the wonders of doing business with the Guilds. It involves catalog (of everything and anything, including the sex shop catalog), delivery times, contracts, and salespeople that try to screw you out of your hard earned loot.

The players have also learned the value of getting their hands of wands of cure light wounds. That’s the spirit, folks.

The end of this gaming session was rushed, because the GM decided the players had had enough of these mines. A giant fire was started at the entrance of the mines, consumed all of the oxygen inside the mines, and properly killed everyone.

All the traps were dealt with behind the scenes, XP and cash was awarded, high fives and sandwiches, and of course, nobody leveled! Like, not even close. The GM is quite disappointed in the lack of leveling, despite a considerable quantity of CRs intended to kill the players.

The solution, of course, will be more encounters at higher CR in the near future.

The players finished by heading back to the still unnamed city that they presently claim as home. They are technically rich by middle class standards, but of course, there’s always more money to be made. A lot more money.

Character development:
-Strato discovered the taste of biting dirt.
-Scott is starting to work on his mask on – mask off personalities
-Pat is playing a slut
-Paul, being absent, had his character naturally killed. Because that is just so damned predictable.



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