Day 1: Character and World creation

Oh yeah, it's happening.

War. War never changes.


And so it begins.

The campaign started at this moment, on a chilly march day.

What had been built so far:
About 15 pages of the Wiki, exclusively information about the world of the campaign (world which, still does not have a name).

Scott, Pat, Paul, and eventually the fashionably late Strato showed up, and created their characters. Dan did not show up as he was in exam period, and Haggy did not show up because his employees are in exam period.

  • Dan had manifested interest in creating his character as a Cleric of Death. Death as an inevitability, death as a desirable end of things. Therefore opposing the undead.
  • Scott had a clear character concept in mind, a summoner that wears its eidelon. There has been considerable concern over the balance of such a build, but I frankly do not care much.
  • Paul figured he’d build an Antipaladin, and I allowed him to be a Lawful one instead of a Chaotic one.
  • Pat had a clear picture to resurrect an older concept of his, a Witch character which was a necrophiliac, and turned humanoid corpses into bread of cure light wounds.
  • Strato, ever the indecisive, took a few hours before reaching his idea for the night, a boom boom sorcerer with absolutely no limitations on his enjoyment of slaughter and mayhem. Suits him just fine.

Players built their characters, got pretty good start rolls, and complained an awful lot about the Patience system.

You can complain all you want boys, until we actually see it in action, your words are meaningless.

Characters were created at level 2, with regular PC gear (1,000 gp).

The world map was started, with a few interesting features included into it, but plenty of work to be done there.

Numerous emails were promised to be sent. We’ll see how that goes.

Players left early, every one being tired for various reasons.

GM’s analysis of the evening:
Went as expected, got most of what was desired done. Would have liked to see more map built, but i’ll get to that later.



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